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Friday, July 6, 2012

Casino Night!

Last night, our friend's Adam and Ashley invited me and A to come with them on a lil' double date to the Casino on the 2nd floor of Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon.  I love this, considering we introduced them to the casino about a month ago and now they're hooked and inviting us to come!  We all decided to dress up and make it a fancy night, which gave me an excuse to wear my new MANGO dress that was 70% off!  Ahhh, yes!  $25 is much better than $100... and it also gave us an excuse to take a taxi there, instead of a bus or the subway.  (instagram photo)

We spent 4 hours together, playing at the roulette table, laughing, betting, cheering, and whining when we would lose our chips. Taking pictures is a SERIOUS NO NO inside the casino, so I had to secretly snap this one, with my iphone, from the dining room of the casino, where we ate FREE dinner. :)
Ash and I

Aaron didn't get the memo that we weren't showing that we were losers yet for this picture!

... but it's true, we all lost. :(  It's never fun to lose money, but that's kind of the chance you take when you walk through those doors!  Luckily, I only played with $45.00, and only lost $30, so it wasn't all that bad considering I played a game for 4 hours, and ordered whatever I wanted to drink for free, and had free dinner!  Gotta love the casino! 

Love it more when we're all winners, but whatever!  
As a side note, Ashley won $900 last time!  So, the little money she lost tonight was a wash!  Lucky girl!
Thanks for another great night together you three!

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