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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Co-teacher Vietnamese dinner!

Last night, Okk, Loola, Monica (my co-teacher from last year) and I all went to dinner at a fancy Vietnamese restaurant in Lotte, to celebrate the wedding!  Not only did they take me to dinner, but they had wedding gifts!  Eeek!  My very first wedding related presents!  

Loola and Okk gave me a 100,000 won gift certificate to Lotte so that I could go shopping and buy "something for me, that Aaron would really like!"  hahahaha 

...and even Monica brought me a wedding present!  She's such a sweetheart!  She had recently gone up north to a traditional village and bought these Korean couples-slippers for Aaron and I!  

With a wedding celebration dinner, and only 1 month left before the big day, it sure is starting to set in a little...  
I'm only days away from being Mrs. Osteen!

1 comment:

  1. you look so happy and you deserve it, Jill! Keep on smiling. Can't wait to see pics from the day <3