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Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday in Seoul!

When I told Jess that I wanted to have a breakfast date with Aaron somewhere special, she recommended a darling little french restaurant called The Flying Pan for breakfast...

She said their french toast with grilled bananas and ricotta cheese was amazing. I may or may not have been a little hesitant!  Cheese on french toast?  Hardly my cup of tea... or so I thought!  I went with her recommendation, and WOW!  It was a heart attack on a plate... but a delicious one at that!  While my thighs weren't happy about my order, my mouth definitely was!  OMG!   

Aaron's came out equally as decadent and calorie filled!  :)
This was THE LAST unhealthy thing we ate (will eat) for a long while!

We decided to work off the calories by walking back to SPACE instead of taking a taxi or bus!  We spotted this cute little dog, laying in a box, on a scooter along the road in Insadong.  Not sure why it was like that, but kinda cute none the less. 

As we were walking back, we found an awesome, artsy style cafe, and stopped in for some coffee and magazine reading! (I had just bought In Touch and Women's Health at an English bookstore down the street!)

Jess and Carlos walked over and met us there for some tea on the 2nd floor!  We got on the tangent of healthy cooking, which is Jess's passion, and ended up getting a bunch of great ideas from her!  She's gonna be working on putting together some healthy recipes, catered to the things that we love to eat!  I'm really excited about it!  Man, it's great to have friends like her!  If you're interested in trying some of her recipes, check out her cookbook, HERE, on etsy.

Even Kristen and Alicia stopped in to see us one last time before we headed back to Busan! 

Aaron and I have been talking a lot lately about starting a photography business when we get back to the US... maybe doing weddings, engagements, couple shots, family, graduation, you get the idea!  Jess and Mayo graciously allowed me to take their photos with my new camera!  I actually took these inside the cafe, since Korea doesn't exactly have the types of backgrounds that I would actually love to shoot in.  I think they turned out beautiful, regardless!   

I think this one is my fav! 

One final group shot outside the cafe before Kristen and Alicia jumped on their scooter and headed for a temple in the hills to relax at!  Alicia said we look like an add for a new TV sitcom!

Jess and I did a little shopping in the local market on our way back to SPACE, and bought tons of fresh ingredients for her to give me a little cooking class before we had to leave to catch the train!  We kept it classy by eating out of tupperware on a table held up with paint cans!  hahaha!

Jess picked up these beautiful peonies in the local market for the equivalent of $2!  I've been looking for peonies for the wedding and they're about $5.00 a stem in N. Carolina!  Wish I could ship them from Korea!!!

After a delicious home cooked dinner, and a quick taxi ride to Seoul station, Aaron and I were on the KTX, headed back to Busan!

I speak for both of us when I say that we wish we never had to leave!! It's funny what spending 3 1/2 days with good friends will do to you!  I feel like a brand new woman with an added sense of excitement, creativity, passion, and drive... not to mention, I think my English may have even improved a tad! haha  :)

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