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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gilly - Jill Craft Saturday!

I've always been a crafty person, but there hasn't been much reason for me to craft while living in Korea, other than to sew bedding or curtains or to make little things for my 250 sq ft home, but with the wedding coming up, I've found an excuse to come out of my CRAFTY shell!  I debated showing or not showing the things I'm crafting for the wedding, but then thought, for those of you who read my blog AND will be at the big day, it gives you a chance to kinda see the behind the scenes work... Who knows, maybe you'll even appreciate all the hard work just a tinge more! :) 

My sweet friend Gill asked if I wanted to have a wedding crafting day at her apartment this Saturday!  With an "in everything" cat living in my apartment (I love Maverick, but it's true), I was thrilled to be able to lay all my stuff on the ground and not worry about it being scratched up, layed on, eaten, or even worse, thrown up!  Plus it's always more fun to craft with a girlfriend... especially my Gilly!

I've been working on cutting and assembling these fabric flags for weeks!  There are 8 different fabrics that I'm using for different things throughout the wedding, and the fabric flags will pull all 8 together!  Today, I cut and attached 85 flags!  They're all turned upside down in this picture, so you'll have to wait to see what the fabric looks like right side up after the wedding pictures come out!

Today's crafting necessities! 

Gilly is a flower making machine!  She made 6 fabric flowers today, which I'll add pearls to the center of later this week.  I'll be attaching them to an avocado green colored fabric sash and tying them around my two darling flower girls' waist's!   

Didn't they turn out lovely?!  I love even more that Gill handmade them!!

Between cutting and attaching fabric flags to the flag banner, I was busy making little baby bowties and gluing them to small wood pic's to stick in the cupcakes on the big day!
*** Don't mind the no make-up, tossled hair look, please!  It was supposed to be a PJ type crafting day!

I love cupcakes, and I adore mini bow ties... why not pair them up, right?! 

So, there you go!  One full day of wedding-crafting-cutting, gluing, sewing, laughing, and chatting with my Gilly!   Couldn't have asked for a better Saturday!  Thank you for your help, friend!

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