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Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Update!

I was looking at my phone and realized I've been posting a lot of photos to INSTAGRAM, which is a picture sharing app for iphones... and neglecting the blog!  Sorry about that!  With that said, here's a little update from my week/weekend in iphone pictures!

I've been using my free time in the afternoons at work to make my wedding invitations this week and last!  Luckily, as long as my work is done I can do whatever I want... so while I'd maybe rather be watching TV online, or browsing Pinterest, I've been crafting invites instead!  I'm really happy with how they're turning out! They're fun, flirty, casual, have lots of texture and color, and best of all, they're a
"one of a kind Jillers creation!"

I was off of work last Wednesday for Election Day, so I met Meagan for some Bi Bim Bap at Cham, our favorite neighborhood restaurant and then did a little shopping!  I tried calling Aaron while we were out, but he wasn't answering his phone. This is VERY not like him, so I started to get really worried!  Turns out, he wasn't able to answer his phone because it had been run over by a car!  UUGGGHHH.  He was riding the scooter and took a pic while he was stopped at red light. Then, he set his iphone under his leg until the next stop light.  Unfortunately, it was during those few seconds that he hit a bump in the road and his iphone jumped into the street and was abruptly run over TWICE!   Funny thing is, it still technically worked. The screen was just damaged!  Good ole' apple technology!  So, Thursday, we rode scoot over to the apple refurbish center after work and he bought a refurbished iphone4 for $200, which is a STEAL of a deal compared to buying it new. (In Korea it's upwards of $800 for a new iphone!)

On Friday, after work, Aaron and I met up and walked over to one of our favorite restaurants on the island for a little Friday night dinner date together.  It was delicious as always!  After dinner we walked a couple blocks over to the SCREEN GOLF place and played a round of 8 together!  I double parred EVERY HOLE except the last!  Sad, but true.  Aaron wouldn't let me take a picture of the score... and not just because mine was lousy!  lol  

Saturday turned out to be a great day!  About a month ago, I was asked to judge an audition for Korean kids who were hoping to be "young ambassadors" for the upcoming Pusan International Performing Arts Festival.  If chosen, they would be the ones to Welcome the audience and introduce the shows!  Out of over 50 kiddos, we chose these 12  for the 12 different shows!  I met with them Saturday afternoon for 2 hours to work with them on their English pronunciation and hand gestures.  For a total of only 3 hours, I was paid $110 and was given 4 FREE tickets to the opening and closing ceremony performances, which are $25 each!  YES, please!  I'm so proud of these 12 and can't wait to see them up there on the stage!  The tall boy will be the one to speak at the Closing Ceremony, where there will be over 5,000 people!  Eeekkkk!

After class with the kids, I took the subway two stops to Sam's new apartment in Suyeon.  Gill, Sam and I have been getting together every weekend for a girls night in!  We usually cook dinner together, watch a movie, catch up on life, etc.  This time, 'A' was invited in for girls night!  It was super fun to have him there!  I always love to see him interacting with my friends!

Sam's apartment is on the 5th floor and has a big balcony that looks out onto the city.  Having a balcony is quite the comodity in Korea!  Not many apartment buildings have them, so Sam seriously lucked out!  
The weather was GORGEOUS on Saturday, so we spent most of the night out there taking in the fresh air and ocean breeze!  As if that wasn't great enough, Sam cooked a REALLY amazing steak dinner for all of us, too!  It was the first proper steak I'd eaten in years and I couldn't stop talking about how good it was!  

Sunday was another gorgeous day, so Aaron and I took the scooter over to Gukje 
and walked the market for a while...

... before stopping in for coffee at Starbucks and lunch at a really great cheese bi bim bap restaurant in Nampodong!  I love, love, love this place!  It was actually the first restaurant I ever ate at in Busan.  My first co-teacher, Stella, took me here one of my first nights in the city, and I've been hooked ever since!

After lunch, we walked through Nampodong and played a round of air hockey and basketball in one of the local arcades.  I kid you not, people were gathered around us while we were playing the basketball game.  I don't know if it's because we're decent at shooting, or because we're playing together to try to get more points (usually only 1 person at a time plays that game), or because we're laughing so hard and they're not used to seeing couples so happy together!  Regardless, we welcomed the crowds!

After the arcade, we rode scoot back to my place, watched WAR HORSE (not sure how I feel about it!), played with Kitty, cooked dinner, and channeled my inner Martha Stewart in order to bake some more banana bread!  This loaf was even better than last weeks!  I added some vanilla, a 4th banana, and twice the amount of chocolate!  It made enough for a mini-loaf AND an entire cake pan full.  Aaron and I ate the mini-loaf and I took this entire cake pan of it to work today to share at tea time with my 5 co-workers. I was thinking it would last a couple days, but it was gone before the end of the day!
Can't complain... I love that they loved it!

Tomorrow is the school field trip day where each grade goes on a separate field trip.  I've been asked to go along with the 6th graders to take photo's for the 6th grade yearbook.  Camera's charged, tennis shoes are ready, and my backpack's packed!  Excited for a day out of the classroom!


  1. Absolutely green of envy about your girls night in!! Gosh, I miss you guys like crazy!!!

  2. I still love reading your blog and cannot wait to see you! <3