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Monday, April 9, 2012


My awesome sister, Amy, recently got involved with an organization called 
and ended up producing a photography benefit auction for them at Splashlight Studios in New York!  She was in charge of contacting up and coming, and already famous, photographers, and asking them to donate one of their photographs to be auctioned...  Last I heard, she had secured over 80 photographers!  Way to go sister!

 She asked Aaron if he would be willing to auction off one of his own photos, which of course, he was more than happy to do and very honored she had asked him!  Thinking of his photo hanging on the wall amongst some of the most talented and well known photographers in the world (not to mention, a few of his own idols) was probably the highlight of his year (minus when he proposed to me, of course!)!  I'm so proud of his talent and so thankful for my sister, who believes in his talent just as much as I do!

Turns out, Aaron's photo sold for $350.00 last night!  WOW!!

Congratulations Aaron, and big congrats to you too, Amy, for raising 
10's of thousands of dollars for a great cause!

*** PROOF is dedicated to the power of visual artists to bear witness, and create images that can make the anonymous waves of human rights tragedies into personal and immediate calls to action. PROOF has brought together photographers, documentarians, academics and journalists from different media sources in an alliance to reach out and educate with images that inspire and motivate change.  We produce exhibitions, publications, theatre and on site activities in nations with some of the world’s most difficult recent histories.


  1. What a wonderful thing your sister was apart of creating and so happy for Aaron. He is so talented.

  2. Thanks girls! I'm definitely a very proud future wifey!