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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Korean sisters!

Most of my friends either don't get along with their Korean co-teachers, or there's such a huge age gap or communication challenge that having any sort of relationship outside of the classroom is impossible! 

I, on the other hand, have been unbelievably blessed with 2 of the BEST co-teachers (sisters) out there this year!  The three of us share an office/classroom area, and laugh, play, work, have tea breaks, and take care of each other all day long! They are both Christians and have the sweetest spirits about them!  Not to mention, they are completely fluent in English (yes, it's rare... even for the English teachers here) and are always making jokes and being sarcastic!  My new co-teacher (who took over for Monica) has spent the last 6 months living in Glendale, CA and working as a kindergarden co-teacher, so we have tons of stories to share about Cali!  It's seriosuly like going to work everyday with your best friends!

Today, the three of us went out to Japanese food to celebrate the finish of our 1st full day of classes!
Okk, Me, and Loola (Her name in Korean means "Make your dreams come true!")

The Japanese restaurant was on the 10th floor of Lotte Department Store in Nampodong.  The decor was cute and the food was delicious...

...but the company was the best part about it!

Thank you Jesus for providing me with another year of awesome co-teachers...
You totally outdid yourself this time!

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