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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowed in...

Okay, so I'm not exactly snowed in (in fact there's no snow at all), but I might as well be!  It's freezing outside these days!  This morning I attempted to walk 3/4 of a mile to school in 15 degree weather!  I failed and hailed a taxi about 1/10th of the way!  I just plain couldn't do it! 

I'm a California / Arizona girl, and am certainly not used to this type of frigid weather!  What the heck do all you snowy state natives do when it's too cold to go outside?  I for one, keep myself busy by doing Jillian Michael's 20 minute workout DVD about 5 times a week to keep the winter pounds off...
... paint my nails, clean my apartment - over and over again, attempt to do the sock bun / sock curls almost every night, do puzzles, watch movies with Aaron, cook, fill out Mad Libs, browse the net, play games on my iphone, write blogs, watch TV and sit REALLY close to my heater!  

Speaking of TV, I'll share the shows I follow throughout the year!  If you really love a show that you think I might, please tell me.  I'm embarrased to say it, but I'm fully caught up with ALL of the following shows!  haha.  I'm telling you... the winter is cold around here (not to mention, I have at least 3 1/2 hours of free time at work everyday where I sit twiddling my thumbs at my desk)!

American Idol
Bachelor Pad (don't judge me!)
Breaking Bad
Gossip Girl
Grey's Anatomy
Mad Men
Modern Family
New Girl
Sister Wives (again... please don't judge me!)
Sweet Home Albama TV
The Bachelor
The X Factor

I'm eager for spring to come!  Can you see now why I'm so excited for my Philippines beach vacation in 13 days?  I NEED IT!  Lord help me get through this winter season!! 


  1. I feel you on the weather! It was teasing us for a bit into thinking that it was Spring, and bam! What a slap in the face! :( Boo! Ever heard of the show Justified? There are two seasons already out, and the 3rd just started. It is FANTASTIC! :)

  2. Don't even think for a second that you are being judged on these tv show choices!! I watch almost all of those plus more. . . . life on tour gives you lots of downtime, too, since I'm in a different city every two weeks, with not many social commitments. I get up, go to the gym, teach voice lessons here and there to fellow cast members, take online classes, have the occasional photo shoot, and occasionally sight see. So the rest of the time. And it's been frigid everywhere I've been lately
    Here's a show I know you'll love. . . DOWNTON ABBEY!! I'm obsessed. You can watch the first season streaming for free on Amazon Prime.
    Some other shows I watch regularly are:
    Dance Moms (I'm judging myself, don't worry.)
    30 Rock
    The Good Wife
    Who Do You Think You Are

    And these new shows I'm so excited for:
    Smash (I have tons of friends on this show! All about Broadway)
    GCB (Good Christian Belles, with Kristen Chenowith)

  3. Ooooh, I'm gonna add those to my sidereel show tracker! Kat, my friend just mentioned Smash on FB! It looks awesome! I live that you have friends on there!!!

  4. Do not think for any 2nd that you're becoming evaluated upon these types of tv program options!! My partner and i view the majority of people plus much more.existence on the road provides you with a lot of down time, as well, given that Now i'm inside a various metropolis each and every fourteen days, without requiring numerous sociable responsibilities.