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Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 9: First day as FIANCE'S!

Today got off to a fabulous start!  We had heard of a fabulous BLIND masseuse on the island and had talked about wanting to get massages from him.  He's a bit more expensive than the women who give massages on the beach, but we loved the idea of supporting a blind man!  So, Clement (the Spider House manager) called and asked him come from his shop in Bulabog (15 mins by tuk tuk) to spend the day at Spider House, giving massages! 

So, mine was scheduled for 8am!  I came down right at 8:00, and in true Philippino fashion, he wasn’t there yet, so I ordered a chocolate pancake…

… and relaxed in the hammock next to Diniwid (the bar tender) who was still sleeping! J 
The perks of living where you work, I guess!

The masseuse arrived around 8:45am with his guide, who helped him set up the table in the
lounge area of Spider House.  My massage was fantastic! J

Aaron was up next, and since the guy specializes in deep tissue massages, he asked for him to go hard on him! Not sure he realized how sore he’d be afterwards because he’s been crying all day about it! Hehe.

While Aaron was enjoying his beat down, I spent the hour hanging out and getting to know these two!
(Pola: aka Coco and Michelle). 

BTW: All you pinteresters out there… Any creative ideas for this wine bottle (from the proposal night dinner)??  I’d love to do something special with it but am coming up blank on ideas.

After our massages, I jumped in a tuk tuk and headed for town to do some shopping.

I walked throug D’mall and bought a couple things we can’t get in Korea! 

I spotted this postcard stand and thought to myself, I think my goal should be to always live somewhere so fabulous that when I go into town I see stands full of beautiful postcards showing off the area! That’s a good goal, right?!  Luckily I’m about to have a husband who completely agrees!

While I was talking with Coco and Michelle earlier in the day, they were talking about their fake pearl earrings that they buy near their homes in a little shop in Bulabog. I asked them if the men who sell pearls in town, and on the beach, are selling REAL pearls. They both assured me that ALL of the pearl vendors in Boracay sell REAL saltwater and freshwater pearls.  I asked if they had any and they both said NO, but that they love pearls… (BTW: 1 pair of pearl earrings is equivalent to 1 of their daily wages) So, while I was at D’mall I bought 8 pairs of white freshwater pearls; one for each of the local girls who work at Spider House!  They are all wonderful and deserved to get a little treat!   

When I got back, I gave each girl their own pair (2 were working the morning shift so they got theirs in the morning) and they were shocked!  Gift giving is definitely my love language! They all immediately put them in their ears and were smiling from ear to ear.  The old lady who cleans the rooms (far right) was jumping around, singing, “I’m so happy!  I have pearls!”  It was a really sweet moment!

Aaron and I decided to do a little snorkeling before the sun went down and headed out in a new direction.  The tide was low so there were only about 3 feet between the top of the water and the corals beneath us.  We decided to do some shell searching on the corals to see if there was anything worth bringing in (sorry environmental people who read this!).  All of a sudden, Aaron grabbed my arm, gave me the look of death through his snorkeling goggles and pointed a couple feet away where there was a 3 foot long banded seasnake staring right at us!  I kid you not, I swam out of there faster than I've ever swam in my life!  One bite from one of those and you're dead!  Aaron said I looked like Michael Phelps swimming out of there!  When he saw how terrified I was, he followed suit!  Smart guy!
(picture credit: google images)
*** You didn't think we were gonna hang around long enough to take our own pic, did you?!

Seeing that snake was enough for me to call it a day!  So, we got out, got ready, and spent the evening down in the restaurant with the staff and other guests!  Getting to spend my life with Aaron is like a big huge yummy cake... this ring is the icing! :) 
*** Picture for all the curious ladies who've been asking me to post a close-up.

Ah, to be newly engaged... It's definitely a fun thing to be!

Around 7:30pm, we headed out and walked the beach to Wahine where we feasted on chicken curry and a sandwich on the sand.  While we were sitting there, Aaron noticed that the moon (which was right over the ocean) was turning bright orange.  Then a couple minutes later, we noticed that it was starting to fade!  Within about 30 minutes, the moon was completely gone!  That's right, we both witnessed our very first eclipse!  Talk about good timing, eh?!

I'd say day 1 of being the future Mrs. Osteen was a huge success!


  1. Congratulations Jill! So happy for you. (when you get a chance, i'd love to email with you about the trip to Boracay. Kim and I are still planning a honeymoon and your pictures are inspiring us to head there. adammack (dot) wright at gmail dot com.)

  2. You can always have your own wine label made with a picture of yall and the date/time/place on it...but that would cover up the original label. Or have a glass shop cut it in half (front to back) and place the front side in a shadow box with other things in there to remember the day.

  3. I LOVE your ring!!! Soo soo soo pretty!!

  4. I LOVE that you bought the staff pearls. You are so thoughtful and generous!