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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Best Place To Eat Out!

Last night, Monica treated Aaron, Ok and me to dinner at a gorgeous restaurant who's name, when directly translated, is
"The Best Place To Eat Out!"  
I'd say that that was a pretty accurate name for it!

We ate lots of kimchi, of course!

... and I drank my very first full glass of red wine!  Look at me being all classy!

Ok and Monica, my two fantastic co-teachers!  Monica is retiring this year, so she's been on a high about life lately!  She asked Ok, Aaron and I if she could take the three of us to dinner to thank us for working so hard and to celebrate her retirement!  We gladly obliged!

We feasted on galbi (beef), kimchi, mushrooms, rice, doenjang soup, ice cream, fruit, and wine! Monica does not mess around! :)  This year has been such a great year working with these two and having Aaron in my life!

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