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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowboarding weekend with friends!

This last weekend was a 4 day weekend due to Korea's celebration of Lunar New Year!  Aaron and I had been talking, for years, about going up north and snowboarding on a long weekend!  Well, turns out, we did it, and we brought 3 great friends along with us! :)

We left early in the morning and rode the subway together to Nopodong
(the end of line 1).

Then, from the station, we walked towards the bus station (connected to the subway station), bought our tickets (19,900) and jumped on our comfy bus to Won Ju. (4 hours)

The bus was completely full due to the holiday, but luckily, we all got to sit together!  Gill and Sam sat behind A and I!

We had to wait about 45 minutes in Wonju for our next bus to Jang Pyeong.  So, we stopped into Krispy Kreme for some coffee!

 Once we arrived in Jang Pyeong (about a 45 minute bus ride and 4,200 won) we jumped in a taxi and rode the 15 minute ride to the cabin!

We finally made it to Elf Pension... our home sweet home for the weekend!  Ahh, LOVELY!  We rented the 26 평 room, which is about 750 square feet and paid 450,000 won for 2 nights, which split between the 5 of us was only about $80 total! We were beyond pleasantly surprised!  It was gorgeous and reminded us all a little of home!

They even wrote Aaron's name on the front door! 
I'm telling you... this place was the BEST!  

The living room had the most gorgeous vaulted ceilings and windows looking out to the mountains and sledding area!  It was sooo nice!

the bathroom...

the hallway leading to the balcony, bathroom and bedroom...

The balcony was perfect!  While it was way too cold to eat dinner out there, it did come complete with a grill, big wooden picnic table and gorgeous panoramic mountain views!

My handsome guy!

After dropping our stuff and giving ourselves a tour of our weekend cabin, we headed to the front office to get some snacks in their little market and to check on snowboarding prices for tomorrow!  I snapped this picture for anyone interested in staying at Elf Pension and snowboarding at Phoenix Park Ski Resort.  The guy in the front office of Elf Pension speaks PERFECT ENGLISH and will set you up with transportation to and from the mountain as well as snowboarding gear (jacket, pants, boots, board and pass for night boarding from 6:30pm - 11:00pm was 54,000 won)

Brian, Aaron and I are big dominoes fans, so Aaron brought the new set his mom gave him for Christmas!  After teaching the girls, we had a go at a game!  Aaron and I were on the same team and we actually lost against the NEWBIES!   Ugghhh!

We all got bundled up (yes, I'm in my PJ's!  I'm on vaca!) and went to the front office to pick up some drinks, an onion for dinner and to get a lil love from the gorgeous puppies that live in the front!  Polly and Elf!
Aaron and I were in charge of finding the place to stay, Brian was in charge of figuring out the bus situation and Gill and Sam were in charge of the meals!  Tonight, they made sausage, onion, and mushroom pasta!  Yum! 

After dinner we played a lil game of asshole (sorry, but it's what it's called) where a decent amount of coke and soju were involved. Gill and I were definitely the big losers!

We were lucky to have been there on a Saturday, because at 8:00pm sharp, they have a fireworks show for all of their guests at a nearby park, less than a minute walk from our cabin!  It's not your traditional fireworks show though!  They basically line up about 50 fireworks and light them up with a blow torch and they all go off within about 1 minute!  In the words of the Elf Pension manager, "It's very intensive!"  lol

As soon as we got there, we were handed sparklers!  About 30-40 other Koreans were there with their kiddos and family members, holding sparklers as well!  It was actually really fun!

After the show, we went back to the cabin and got comfy in our PJ's and lounged around until we all fell asleep!  It was the perfect ending to our first day in the snow!

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