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Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowboarding weekend, day 3!

Today was a pretty lazy day... We were all sore from snowboarding last night and eager to get some good relaxation in before we headed back to Busan!  Aaron read on his kindle while the rest of us did our own forms of chilling! :) 

The Elf Pension manager, 임창남 allowed us to do a late checkout, which was really nice!  So instead of leaving at 12:00pm, we left around 2:30pm and made it just in time to catch the bus to Won Ju!  Thank you Mr. Yim!  Before we officially said goodbye to Elf Pension, we spent some time with the dogs...

and snapped our picture with Mr. Yim, the manager...

Mr. Yim speaks perfect English and can help you with anything! His phone number is: 33-336-2225 and his e-mail is:  I HIGHLY recommend staying here if you're looking for a great weekend getaway!

I forgot to officially introduce Sam!  Everyone, this is Sam!  She is Gill's 2nd cousin from South Africa, and she lives in Busan now!  She is an absolute doll... super fun, positive and great to be around!  Gill and I are so happy she's here now! 

One last group shot before we head down the mountain and back to Busan!  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend (minus Gill's fractured wrist)!  Thanks you 4 for making it so wonderful!

Mr Yim called for some taxi's to take us over to the Jang Pyeong bus station, and just like that, we had to say goodbye to the snow, the sledding, the yummy home cooked meals, the ski resort, and the time together in the gorgeous cabin!  It was bittersweet, for sure!  It's a weekend I'll remember for a long long time!

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