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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Always hate saying goodbye...

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon, sausage, eggs, and toasted English muffins cooking in the kitchen nearby! Tell you what: These two do not disappoint in the kitchen!

After breakfast, Ali, Aaron and I loaded in the car and headed back up to Black Mountain. I packed up my things at the condo and then drove over to Mammy and Sherry Beth’s to visit for a few and say our goodbyes, and then over to Gran’s for the same. I love being in Black Mountain, but I hate saying goodbye – especially because I know it’ll probably be a year before we return.

We stopped by and ordered Taco Bell for lunch,
my FIRST taste of those delicious beef tacos in over a year…

… and had the pleasure of watching Pegg take her VERY FIRST BITE of Taco Bell food! That's right!  This woman has NEVER eaten Taco Bell!  I think she’s a fan!

Pegg and Aaron drove me to the Asheville airport where I bid farewell and headed for the gate. It wasn’t until then that I found out my flight had been delayed 3 hours! Boo! Good thing Asheville has these country rockers to sit and blog on!

I made it into Atlanta at 7:00pm and plopped down in a comfy chair, paid $6.95 for internet and did some blogging inbetween eating my delicious bag of corn nuts, which DO NOT exist in Korea… SAD!

Finally, at 10:00pm, I boarded my flight to Phoenix and arrived in AZ around 1:00am! My pregnant sister was there, on the curb, waiting for me with open arms! We may have actually squeeled a bit while hugging for a good 30 seconds in the street! A guy walked by as we were taking this picture and asked, “Are you guys sister?! You look just alike!” Our collective response was “YES!”

It’s so good to be back in AZ, even if it has only been a couple minutes!

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