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Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday Walk!

Not much is going on around here today! My internet is down at my house, so i'm stuck with my iphone's 3G network when it comes to connecting with the world! It was raining this morning, but the blue skies started to peer through around noon, so I took a long walk through the neighborhood! Here are some fun pictures I took with my iphone! :)

This was on top of the giant Lotte Department Store building near my apartment, on the 11th floor, looking North towards Nampodong!

At the Sky Park, on the roof of the Lotte building, young lovers come and hook padlocks onto the walls and throw the keys inside a glass heart shaped holder in the wall, never to be retreived again... signifying that they will be together forever!  I thought this one was fun!  It says, "Will you marry me?  Yes!"

Last but not least, I spotted this bundle of dried frogs for sale in the dried section of the Jagalchi Fish Market... poor little guys!

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