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Monday, October 24, 2011

Open Class!

Today was the dreaded open class, which most Korean and foreign teachers hate because it's not a natural way of teaching and other teachers and Principal's come and watch!!  First off, for open classes, we type out a word for word lesson plan (AKA script!) including what we think the student's will say in response to our teaching.

Since I've never been that great at memorizing, I ALWAYS type out a little cheat sheet that I tape to a student's desk in the front row, so if I forget what comes next, I can glance down and remind myself!  (Oh, and this was typed in MY OWN PERSONAL FONT!)

Since I happen to have good handwriting, I usually write the key sentences on the board, but for open classes, we're expected to print the key sentences on paper and use magnets to put them up on the board!  I'm telling you... open classes are intense!  The marks at the bottom are for keeping score of which "teams" answer my questions right.  The winning team gets candy at the end of class!  It's a great incentive program!

We always prepare an interactive game on Open Class days.  Usually we will play a powerpoint game at the end of our regular classes because they're quick to make and the kids love them, but for open classes, we're expected to CREATE a game for our kineshetic learners! So, today's game was a "dice game"!  :) 
My 4th graders were like little angels today!  Usually they are terrified during open classes because people are watching, but they were REALLY interactive today and were super well behaved!  Thank you Jesus!

So glad it's over and even more glad it went so well!  Special thanks to Okk who snapped these pictures with my iphone during the class! :)

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  1. Yikes! and I thought our formal observations were insane! Sounds like you did an amazing job!