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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Honey?! Will you....

...carry my purse?!"

Aaron and I were talking to my parents on skype this afternoon, and the 4 of us got onto the subject of Korean style relationships and how in a dating relationship, the men are typically on their best behavior (They take the girls to nice restaurants; they're polite and romantic; and my favorite... The men carry their girlfriend's purses! ... in PUBLIC!)  My parents were laughing and saying how they were surprised I had never done a blog about this!  So, with that, a new blog entry was born!

After we hung up with them, Aaron and I scooted over to Nampodong for some Vietnamese food for lunch and then some leisurely shopping while looking out for purse carrying boyfriends

As you can see, this guy was trying to cover her purse with his black leather jacket.  I guess it's his way of making her happy, while saving face at the same time!

This one is my favorite! 

Right after I took the above picture, I ran into my friend Crystal!  She was asking what I was doing and when I told her, she said her friend's boyfriend NEVER let's her carry her own purse or shopping bags!

 Sometimes even the husbands do it! 
These are the husbands whose wives clearly wear the pants in the family!

Korea has taken this aspect of chivalry to a whole new level!  And just so you know, Aaron actually carried my purse ONCE, but then realized how heavy and uncomfortable it is, and how weird he felt, and never did it again!  haha...  Don't think I haven't tried asking!!


  1. My back always hurts. Do you think your dad would be willing to carry my bag?

  2. I guess you figured out that "anonymous" is me (Mom)!

  3. miah totally carries my bag..unashamed. sometimes i'll be like , 'babe, i'll carry that' and he says he's got it. i have got a good man! haha --totally a great blog idea