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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VISA photo experience... Round 2!

I accidently lost my envelope of extra passport and visa sized photos that I took last winter for my medical check.  I've looked EVERYWHERE, and can't find them! ...This is unfortunate, because in order to get my Vietnam Visa tomorrow when I arrive, I'll need 2 of them.  Bummer! 

So, today, after summer camp, I made my way over to Nampodong and stopped in at the VISA picture shop to order new pictures!  They snapped 2 pics of me, loaded them onto a computer, and asked me to choose which one... Then they magically photoshop my face into a far younger, less wrinkly, smaller chinned, brighter eyed, and much creamier skinned version of myself!  Fabulous!  You just don't get this kind of service at your local Walgreens or COSTCO photo center!

This time I took a video for you to watch the transformation!

When he was asking me which picture I liked better, I meant to say "The right one" but accidently told him to "Turn right."  I've obviously been taking a lot of taxi's lately!  I can't always be walking in this nasty heat!  You'll also hear me say "Kumupsumnida" which means thankyou!  He was getting rid of all the little spots on my face!  He definitely deserved a thank you for being able to do that!

The girl before me had some serious photoshop work done to her face!  The guy made her eyes bigger, nose smaller, jaw bone more pronounced, face skinnier, hair thinned, and even cut her mouth completely out of the picture and re-pasted it on at a slant, so it looked like she was smerking.  CRAZY!

I'm home now, and have MORE THAN ENOUGH passport size and visa size photos to go around! 
Over 60 to be exact!  (It's the smallest package available!)

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