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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer camp!

This is my 5th English camp since working in Korea! That's right, my FIFTH!  Summer English camp is a lot different than regular everyday teaching in Korea, where you teach from a text book, and have classes full of 25-30 students!  In English camp, I can create my own lesson plans, play games, read storybooks, cook, do art projects, or whatever else I can think of... and I only have 10-14 students at a time!  SCORE!  So, I'm gonna give you a run down of a typical English camp day (for beginners) in my classroom! 
Here's how it went down today!

We started with the Phonics Song!  My kids love this song and always sing along!  I, on the other hand, could do without the darn song getting stuck in my head all day long!  Suffer for the kiddos!

Then, we talked about numbers and how to spell them! These kiddos are still learning to read English. So, I made this handout for them to see the #, the English spelling, and then how to read it phonetically in their own language!  It also says "O'clock" because I'm going to use it later in the week when I teach how to tell time!

Then, I gave them this math worksheet and asked them to add the numbers and spell them in English.  This is one of my 3rd graders papers.  You might think this looks boring, but my kids LOVE stuff like this! 
How funny is 0 + 0 = "oclock"?!

 Then, we played numbers Jenga!  I found this on, a Korean shopping website, and thought it would be a great way to incorporate learning numbers with a game!  After each students pulled out a Jenga piece, they would say the number AND spell it.  Most of them used their cheat sheet (above), which was okay because my goal wasn't to get them to memorize the spelling, but rather just to learn how to say the letters.

 They had no idea they were studying while playing! :)  I'm tricksy like that!

After numbers Jenga, I taught colors.  There's a great website called that I pay $12.00 a year to be a member of.  They have games, power points, flashcards, tools, etc, that are perfect for ESL English camps, and since my classroom's computer is connected to a projector, it's a piece of cake to project the computer screen onto the wall so everyone can see.  So, today, we reviewed colors and then played the Speed Game!  One student said a color in Korean, and the other student (with his/her back to the board) said it in English.  Whichever team said the most colors in a minute, won!
Then, we did a color by number picture of Mickey Mouse!  I used to love color by numbers as a kid!  So, I printed a picture of Mickey off the internet, wrote different numbers all over it and made copies!  Then, I wrote the numbers 1-8 on the board and asked them what color they wanted to color that number.  Then I wrote the color next to the number, so later they would have to read the color to figure out what it should be!

Quietly and diligently coloring! :)

Ta Da!  After they were finished, I did a verbal quiz, asking "What color is Mickey's hat?"  "What color is Mickey's basket" etc, and gave a lolipop to the students who answered it right!

Then, I gave them this paper with pigs.  I told them to "Color 1 pig pink."  "Color 2 pigs tan." etc.  When we were finished coloring all of the pigs, we played BINGO!  I wrote each color, one by one, on the board, so they had to read it in English and then find that color pig!
The first student to have 3 lines (vertically or horizontally) was the winner!

Then, we topped off the day with a fun game of UNO! But not just your average UNO.  I had them say the color of the card, and the number, and if I heard them speaking Korean during the game, I hit the bell and they had to pick up an extra card!  haha! 

Then, I had them present their All About Me worksheet that they did yesterday!  Whoever could read a section of theirs would get a sticker on their nametag (an incentive program that they love!)  This is Kenny's!

Last but not least, we ended the camp by eating mini chocolate cakes and cleaning the room before saying goodbye for the day!  So, there you go!  That's what I'm up to over here on this side of the world!

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