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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Asian stereotype!

My school's staff completely lived up to the stereotype of Asian's loving ping pong today!  I was just told to report to the school auditorium for teacher PE class... today's form of exercise - Ping Pong!  Fabulous!

I originally went to just check it out, but before long I was reeled into playing along!  Not that it took much!  I love ping pong!  I, however, had never played with a paddle like this one!  This is serious and is held completely differently than the paddles I've played with before!    

My oppossers!  (the school's head teacher, and Okk!)

Me and my teammate... 나래 (pronounced NaRae).  She's awesome, and I was decent, but we lost both games!  FAIL.

I'll leave you with this funny picture of my Principal!  Check out that determination!

Korea, thank you for living up to your Asian ping pong stereotype!  I enjoyed taking a break from my lesson planning to indulge in your passion this afternoon!

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