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Friday, June 17, 2011

Running Partners!

I've always wanted a running partner!  Problem is, I've never been a good runner, and most people with running partners get together and run miles and miles everyday!  I needed someone who could run a 1/2 mile... stop... rest... and then another 1/2 mile back!  Well, lucky for me, I've got myself a running partner, and a new friend!  I met Meagan when my school's volleyball team played hers a little while back.  Turns out, we're neighbors and live less than a 5 minute walk from each other!  We had dinner together on Thrusday and decided to become running partners to get our summer bodies ready for the beach!

We mapped out our jog/run with (which is awesome by the way!) and did a full pace run for 1/2 mile to Home Plus and then jogged back .62 miles, stopping at the convenient store for some ice cream at the end!  I realize this completely negates the calories we burned during the workout, but we felt we should celebrate our first day of running together!  

May there be many more neighborhood runs to come!


  1. So I know this is gonna sound like a total stalker but does your running partner live on the 3rd floor of HanaTown apartment building? (if so she probably lives in my old place- and also might have my old Bob Dylan poster).

  2. Hey Jenna! No, she lives in an apartment closer to Home Plus, but the Talk program guy who she works with lives in Hanna Town. Maybe he has your poster! :)

  3. Awesome! I also left a hair dryer, but I doubt that will get much use for that guy

  4. i love workout buddies, makes it so much easier to be motivated.