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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Hana, duel, set... KIMCHI!"

Today was teacher picture day, out on the field!  What a good looking group I work with huh?!  As a side note, I was really excited that they placed me in the front row, as the front row is typically for the Administration and mentor teachers!  Looks like I'm moving up in the world!  Or, maybe they just liked me dress! 

As we were all walking back inside, Herra, the teacher in the middle making "bunny ears" over the principal was laughing and said, "Chelsey, I did something naughty in the picture!" I was thinking she flipped off the camera or made a sexual innuendo with her hands... but nope, just bunny ears!

Then, a couple hours later, I was pulled out of class as if there was some sort of emergency... just to find that it was time for me to take my personal yearbook picture!  Really?  I had to run down 5 flights of stairs for this?!

Here's me and Okk in the "manners room," sitting pretty, like good Korean girls, for our yearbook pictures!

"Hana, duel, set, KIMCHI!"

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  1. This is very interesting to see. I teach English to Korean students, but I work from home in America while I teach my Korean student (in Korea) via skype or a telephone. It's wonderful and I'm always interested in learning about Korea and what other teachers are doing. I enjoyed this blog and seeing the pictures. It seems like you enjoy what you do. Have a wonderful day~God bless you!