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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Date night, Italian style!

 What girl doesn't love a text saying, "Do you wanna have dinner together after our workouts tonight?"  I do! I'm a huge sucker for date nights!  Aaron and I have been together so long now, and spend so much time together, that it seems we don't really need to go on dates to "reconnect" or "re-ignite the flame", so to say... but, he takes me out anyway, and I love it!   Last night we went to Amant, a new Italian/Asian place that just opened in Nampodong!  It was on my blog about restaurants I wanted to check out before leaving Busan!

The food was to die for!  It was so good, I actually found the manager to tell him just how much I loved it!  Everyone loves a compliment, right?!

Any time you can see directly into the kitchen of a place, you know you're getting good quality food!  That's the truth for this place!  Not only was the food amazing, the atmosphere was romantic, classy, and just plain comfortable.  We sat for a couple hours, just chatting away...

... and feasting on this steak and pepper Asian/Italian fusion spaghetti, caesar salad, bruschetta, gorgonzola pizza (YES PLEASE!) and a fresh limeaid slushy! 

After dinner, we took a stroll through the shops in Nampodong and enjoyed the cool weather!  This season, minus the stickiness from the rain, is fantastic!

I stopped to snap a picture of Aaron, and an old drunk Korean man excitedly stumbled over to me, with his equally drunk and excited girlfriend, snatched my camera and shewed me over towards Aaron so he could take our picture!  It turned out pretty good for having a drunk photographer behind the lens! :)

Aaron, thank you for loving, respecting, and caring for me! I love you... and love our life together in Korea!  I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. I love you too Jillers! Thanks for being you and giving me back 10 times the love I give you.

  2. How sweet...I love reading about you two smooches!