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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beautiful day in the farmland!

Yesterday, Aaron and I took Scoot over, across the river, to Gimhae, our neighboring city to the west, to check out the spring harvest! It's so nice to get out of Busan and see beautiful, fresh veggies, growing as far as the eye can see!  I didn't exactly get to see stuff like this as a child growing up in Orange County!  Although, if I remember correctly, I think there were tomato fields across from my house before a Marriot was built.  Sad....

I had no idea onions grew such interesting flowers!

 The fields were filled with growing onions, rice seedlings, peppers, tomatoes and cabbage! We had so much fun romnping through the fields... No one seemed to mind either!  I think the farmers thought it was cool that foreigners were interested in getting an upclose view of their harvest!

We played with the farm puppies and scooted through narrow pathways to find our little pieces of heaven in the countryside!

 While I don't have a picture of it, the cabbage fields were absolutely filled with white butterflies!  I'd never seen anything like it before!  There were thousands of them, flying free! 

It wasn't until I moved to Korea that I realized rice didn't have to be grown by soaking the seeds in 6 inches of water!  Turns out, we do that in Asia, and some other parts of the world, to keep weeds from growing and bugs from eating at the seedlings!  Here's a typical S. Korean farmhouse with a small garden of cabbage and rows and rows of rice paddies!

In Korea, when warmer spring weather comes, the farmers buy or grow rice seedlings, like these...

They then transplant them (usually by hand) into freshly flooded paddy fields in May. Aaron and I found this golf cart looking mobile on one of the farms, with the keys still in the ignition!  We're not quite sure what it does, but from the back, it looks as if it plants the rice seedlings, one by one, in rows of 5!  Pretty fancy!

We stopped in at a local country market for some drinks, and relaxed on the front porch before heading back into the city!  It was the perfect Saturday getaway!  It also made me even more excited about my own little rooftop garden!  I'm happy to report that one of my baby tomatoes is FINALLY turning red!  :)

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