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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring time is here!

For some of you, this may look like just your average wardrobe full of clothes, but for me, this represents the END OF WINTER and the beginning of sunshine, outdoor adventures, beach days, and scooter rides!!  Unfortunately, my winter days in Korea have been spent cozying up in bed all day watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, and packing on the lbs!  haha!  It's true though!

So, this morning, I packed away all my winter clothes in exchange for a closet full of bright colors, short sleeves, and flowy skirts and dresses!  I've been waiting A LONG TIME for the day I could pack away all those thick winter coats!

Cheers to spring time FINALLY arriving!


  1. I always LOVE bringing spring/summer clothes out too! And look at your cute pink weights in the corner. Just when your weather is becoming beautiful ours is turning hotter than you know what! :) Bet you don't miss that. :)