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Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's getting married!

I'll never forget when I met the one and only Hannah Butler!  She was a vivacious, lanky, up-for-anything, blond in 7th grade, way back in the summer of 2003!  I had just begun as a leader for my church's junior high group and she was one of my most committed kiddos, arriving early every week and ready to have fun!  I consider it to have been a pleasure acting as her mentor all the way through Middle School and High school, meanwhile also standing in as her semester long Spanish teacher in High School, and later, she served as my fabulous T.A. during her Senior year!  I was able to, during that time, watch her evolve and become who she is today! She has become an absolute gem of a young woman, and now I'm honored to call her my friend!  

So, when I received her wedding invitation in the mail today, I could have cried 
(in happiness of course)!

I couldn't be more happy for the lovely Hannah Butler and her dashingly handsome groom to be!  Congrats on finding your soulmate, darling!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Jill, this is so special! I just love you! =)