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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maroon 5 with the girls!

For my 30th birthday, and to celebrate Gill's last week of living in Korea, we went halvsies and bought tickets to see Maroon 5 in Busan! 

I was so excited when she brought up the idea, and I of course have been anticipating this night since we bought the tickets earlier this month!  To be honest, I don't know all of their songs or follow them closely, but to see a live concert, with English music, is enough to get me excited!  Last concert I went to was over 3 years ago, so I was long overdue! :)

She will be loved:

The concert was held at KBS Hall, which is one of Busan's largest arenas, but still felt a little bit like a glorified High School auditorium! There were no screens or big firework displays, just good ole' Adam Levine and the band, which was actually really cool!  It felt kind of grass roots-ish, like we were seeing them perform before they became huge! 

 I never knew this before, but Adam Levine is seriously effeminate! I actually picked up my iphone in the middle of the concert and checked to see if he liked girls!  Which, he does!

Outside, in the corridor of the Hall, you could buy snacks, like dried squid (eeehh) and flattened-dried fish (double eeehh), grilled baby potatoes (yummm), and these little light sticks, which most people had and were swinging around all night! 

 Besides the great music and extremely entertaining Adam Levine, experiencing an English concert, surrounded by Koreans was a hilarious experience!  When Adam said anything in Korean, they went totally crazy!  Here he is saying, "Kamsamnida" (thank you)!

There were people all around us who had printed out the English lyrics to every Maroon 5 song, and were holding them with tiny flash lights, so they could sing along!  The girl in front of us had actually written the Korean translation and highlighted the chorus's!  Kinda made us all laugh a little!

At one point, during the chorus of one of the popular songs, about 100 Koreans, sititing all around the arena, threw long strands of toilet paper up in the air, making it look like streamers were falling!  I'm guessing this was a preplanned thing that was anticipated for weeks, and spoken about on the internet!  Creative, Korea, very creative!

After the guys all bowed and went off stage, everyone started yelling "Anchor! Anchor! Anchor!"  Oh Koreans!  I love them and their darling accents!  Luckily, the guys from the band could see past the accents to realize they were asking for an encore, and came back out to play another 5 songs!

Literally, as soon as the guys stepped of the stage and the concert was over, the audio people began playing music over the speakers.  Their song of choice?!  The Supreme's version of Baby Love!   RANDOM!!!

Last night was the perfect way to spend one of our last nights together before these two both move back to South Africa on Wednesday!  I'll miss you!!!


  1. Wow! What a fun night! I never thought about Koreans knowing the words to Maroon Five songs. ( :

  2. Oh yeah... Levine definitely likes the ladies, his lyrics are pretty dirty ;) BUt the boy can DANCE. At least he did when I saw him with Bernal many years ago.

    Sounds like a very entertaining night out!