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Friday, May 6, 2011

Field Day Fun!

This year, my school put me in charge of taking photos of the field day event, which is exactly what I would have been doing anyways, so it was perfect!  All in all, I took 909 pictures!  Eeehhh... but narrowed it down to 404 in the editing process, and loaded them onto the school server today!  Now, I'm going to load some of my favorites onto my blog, for you to see!

Dae Gyo Elementary 
School Field Day 
May 6, 2011

These pictures are totally out of order.  It would have taken me an extra hour, or more, to put them all in order for this post... So, sorry! :)
This was the dad's relay race.  In Korea, Field Day isn't just about the kids.  The parents are just as involved as their own children on the big day!  It's basically a big community party!

The volunteer moms who helped set up all the events!

4th grade - simultaneous jump roping!   These two girls, Mikayla and Cherry, won!

The mom's relay race is always a big crowd pleaser!  Every year one of them gets hurt!  This year was no exception!  They're relentless!  One of the mom's accidentally tripped another mom, who fell face first into the dirt track!  Ouch!   

2nd grade relay race!

The 1st grade relay race included a part where the kids crawled through this tunnel.

1st grade - push the giant ball around the orange cone, with your mom relay!

These are the 6th grade school leaders and cheering section for Field Day!

The mom's played tug of war!  "WE WON!!!"

Getting ready for mom's tug of war - counting the rows to make sure the sides were even!

민기, one of my favorite 5th graders!  She was on the blue team!  
(There are 2 teams - blue and white)

One of the relays involved the 6th graders running around the track and then picking a piece of paper out of a basket, reading it, and finding the teacher listed on the paper to run with them to the finish line!  This paper says "Run with Chelsey Teacher!" 

Getting in position for the mother, daughter relay with a ball.

Father, daughter relay with a ball. Betty and her dad.

Danny is one of my favorite students!  
Every time I ask him "How are you?" He answers, "I'm hungry!" 

There was even something for the grandparents!  They would walk to the middle of the field and take a fishing hook looking thing and hook a black plastic bag filled with soap, detergent, and a towel, then walk back to their line!

 Melt my heart!  How adorable is she?!

4th grade hula hoop running relay!

The blue team's BIG cheerleader!

2nd graders getting ready for the baton hand off!

6th grade relay!  Drag your friend, in a polka-doted bucket, around the orange cone!

The races are started by either a track and field gun or the gong!  I personally prefer the gong!  It's so Asian!

3d graders waiting on the sidelines!

6th grade drummers... part of the cheering squad!

The 1st graders did a relay where they either wore silver-sequined-bow-headbands or blue-sequined-bow-headbands and rode a scooter across the field!  

Here's the white team, walking out to get into position for their scooter race!

헤란, one of my favorite teachers at the school!  She actually used to be an English teacher, so her English is almost perfect!

She's a 3rd place winner!  Instead of handing out ribbons, like in America, the kids are given hand stamps!

One of the 4th grade relay's included running around the track, jumping through hula hoops and then squatting down and jumping 10 times, like a frog. 

3rd graders had to do somersaults!   The two girls on the right collided!

6th grade - simultaneous jump roping relay!  They would throw a big dice and whatever number it landed on was how many times they had to jump rope before passing off to the next group!

Stretching time!

3rd graders, waiting on the sideline with their teacher!

At the end of the day, everyone got onto the field and did a traditional Korean dance!

4th grade running relay!

1st and 2nd graders threw handmade paper airplanes into upside down umbrellas!  The team with the most airplanes inside the umbrella won!  

Excited to throw their paper airplanes!

3rd graders, patiently waiting for their next relay.

All in all, it was a REALLY fun day with lots of excited kiddos and parents!  I'm not sure if I'll be working at an elementary school again next year, so I soaked it all in and made sure I relished in all the fun!

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  1. i was just browsing through google to get ideas for a relay race for kids and just happened to look through these pictures... these pics really reminded me of my childhood back home in korea.. thank you! looks like you had a blast! :)