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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A special gift...

As I was walking to school this morning, I ran into 하나 (Hanna), the 6th grade teacher who I love!  She and her daughter live near me and walk to school as well, but today was the first time we've ever bumped into each other on our ways!  Anyhow, as soon as she saw me, she pulled out a red jewelry box from her purse and said, "Chelsey, this is for you!"  with a huge smile!

Inside was this beautiful starfish necklace to match some earrings I have, and to match HER own starfish necklace!  She said it was "Many thanks, many thanks, for what you have done for me and my students."

Two of my love languages are affirmation and small gifts, so this meant a lot to me! :) I'm wearing it proudly around my neck today, and love that it came from her!

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