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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little update

A little update for ya'll.  :)

WORK: I've now been teaching at my new school for 2 months and I have no complaints.  I wake up everyday, excited to go to work to see my students and visit with my co-workers (who by the way, almost ALL speak at least a little bit of English)!  They've also turned me on to tea, which I have NEVER liked until this week!  Now I'm drinking at least 2 cups a day!  Much more healthy that the (2) diet cokes I was drinking a day!  

WORK SCHEDULE: I start work at 8:30am and leave @ 4:30pm.  I usually teach (4) 40 minute classes a day, and the rest of the time is spent doing whatever I'd like! :) I teach (2) 3rd grade classes twice a week, (3) 4th grade classes twice a week, (3) 5th grade classes twice a week, and (3) 6th grade classes twice a week.  In addition, I teach a beginners level English conversation class once a week and an advanced English conversation class once a week!  and I can't forget my English TV show on Wednesday mornings where I'm free to teach whatever I'd like!  My students especially love the food shows where I explain the types of food we eat in America and allow some of them to try it on air! 

AARON: Aaron is as wonderful as ever!  He's my best friend and my biggest fan.  I am so thankful for him!  He's been busy with his recent hobby - photography!  He's getting REALLY REALLY good, as you've probably seen by his flickr page!  He's also started a new workout called P90X which I join in once in a while... until it kicks my but and I give up! haha  

FUTURE: Well, I'm always up for a change in plans, but as of right now, Aaron and I are both leaning towards applying for University teaching positions in Seoul for next school year. (beginning March of 2012)  Jessica and Carlos are both really happy with where they're working and are gonna try and put a good word in for A and I for next year so we can all work together!  So, we'll see! :)  If we got the jobs, we'd be making just as much but would only work 14 hours a week and have 4 months vacation - TO COME SEE YOU!!!

FEELINGS: Living in Korea can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster... It never gets too wild, but it does go up and down a bit.  The weather has played the biggest roll into the down times, I think.  It's been extremely cold for the past 7 months, and being a California girl, I'm not all that used to the cold!  (Granted we've had 2 or 3 warm and sunny days in the last couple weeks, which I took full advantage of by being outside!)  But even today, it happens to be pouring rain, and my co-worker said it's going to get even colder this weekend!  :( I've been mainly cooped up in my apartment trying to stay warm, watching entirely too much TV online!   On the other side, I love my job, and my guy, and have been able to connect with my family and friends through skype and my new texting app for my iphone! 

I'M EXCITED ABOUT:  I'm really excited about the next couple weeks school schedule!  There's no class next Thursday because of testing, and then field day, children's day, and a 4 day weekend follow! :)  Aaron and I talked last night about checking out Taiwan or maybe spending a couple days climbing the Great Wall in China!  This summer vacation, Aaron and I are planning a trip to Vietnam for 16 days!  I've recently been really interested in Vietnam, and am excited to learn some common sentences, so I know what the nail ladies are saying about me!  Let's be honest, we all wonder, right?!  We're not sure, but we're thinking of starting in the north and either renting a scooter, or paying for  scooter taxis to scoot us down south, stopping in places that look interesting, like Ho Chi Minh, and Halong Bay!

I think that's about it for updates!  Hope you feel a little more connected! :)

Love always,


  1. so nice to hear more about how you're doing on the other side of the world. thanks for sharing Jill!

  2. love the update and your willingness to share your life openly. :)