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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cherry Blossom outing!

Yesterday, my Principal gave the 6th grade teacher group a chance to leave early and do something cultural together!  Lucky for me, the English teachers are part of the 6th grade teacher group, so I got to go too!

First, we drove to 경화's apartment (6th grade teacher - middle front) for some hang time!  She just recently moved to this apartment, near Gwangali Beach, so she was eager to show it off to all of us!  She had fresh strawberries, rice cakes, yummy tea, a wild raspberry yogurt drink, and some vanilla waffers for us to munch on while we chatted! 

After leaving 경화's apartment, we piled into Monica's SUV and headed to a nearby mountain to see the newly blossomed Cherry blossom trees!
민정(Min Jung), 현정(Hyun Jung), 하나(Hana), and 옥정(Ok Jung)

굼연 (Gumyeong Mountain) is a famous mountain in Busan, because you can see, in all directions, from the top!  

The 7 of us all have tea time together, every morning, after our 1st class of the day!  And the best part is they can all speak English and are ALL outgoing!
현정(Hyun Jung), 경화(Gyung Hoah), Monica, Me, 민정(Min Jung), 하나(Hana), and 옥정(Ok Jung)

옥정(Ok Jung)  She and I are very close!  Her english is near perfect and she knows more slang than any Korean I've met to date, so speaking to her is almost like talking to a friend from back home!  She and I teach 5th and 6th grade together!  

 These 3 are the 6th grade teachers at my school.
민정(Min Jung), 경화(Gyung Hoah), and 하나(Hana)

The whole gang together (Minus Ok, who was taking the picture)

I am so blessed this year with these great women!  All 4 of them are completely fluent in English! 

We drove the car further up the mountain and climbed to the very top, where we could see in all 4 directions.

After watching the sunset from atop the mountain, we climbed back down and piled into Monica's SUV.  We were having so much fun together that we decided to grab dinner together too!  They ASKED ME where I wanted to go, which I thought was really sweet!  I knew immediately that I should take them to BREEZE BURNS for some American style hamburgers on the beach in Gwangali!  None of them had ever been here. 

It was a BIG hit!  They all loved it and devoured their food as soon as it arrived! 

Working at Dae Gyo is making the thought of leaving Korea REALLY HARD!  :)
I am so blessed!

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