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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why are you yelling?!

For the most part, my new apartment is nice and quiet, despite the fact that I'm literally right above a busy restaurant!  But sometimes, the fruit truck (similar to the ice cream truck in America) comes at a snail's pace, down my street, roaring it's pre-recorded-audio-sales-pitch, from loud speakers atop the truck!  It comes so often, I nearly have the pitch memorized!

Once in a while, I'll hear men yelling outside my window, while walking up and down my street!  It's the kind of yelling you would hear from the "Get your popcorn!!" guy at the major league baseball games!  I've always wondered what they're selling, so tonight, I opened my window, stuck my head out, looked down, and inspected the situation. 

I got caught inspecting when he looked right up at me!  I spoke to him in Korean, asking what he was selling and how much it was.  I was just curious, but the next thing I knew, he was walking toward's my apartment's entrance and coming up the stairs to my apartment.  I opened the door with my wallet in hand, feeling terrible that I had led him to believe that I ACTUALLY wanted what he was selling!
Luckily though, he was selling Korean traditional rice cakes, which I happen to like!  These are a rare (and more expensive) type because they are more sticky, served cold, and individually wrapped in banana leaves!

How could I resist a darling little box of rice cakes...

... from a man at my door, who had been yelling outside my window just minutes before!  Chalk that one up to a funny Korean experience and the first time I've ever bought something from a man yelling outside my window!

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