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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Double date!

Dates in general are wonderful, but having the chance to double date with another couple you enjoy being around, brings a whole new dynamic to the table, doesn't it!?

This afternoon, Aaron and I met our friends Brian and Amber for some Vietnamese cuisine at a new restauarant in Nampodong called Pho!   Hot Pho soup was the perfect remedy for my
crazy cough that I've been fighting for the past week!

After lunch, we headed over to play some screen golf on the 6th floor of a highrise building in Nampodong!  Brian was under the impression that he was supposed to look at this hands while he swung, instead of keeping his eyes on the ball!   So, Aaron graciously (and thankfully) gave him some pointers before we officially started!

Screen golf is a little like bowling, in that, when it's not your turn, you can sit back, relax, and talk with everyone!  It's the perfect activity for a double date!

We had lots of laughs!  It was Amber's first time ever attempting to golf, and on top of that, our sensor was out of whack and would send our balls in opposite directions of what we hit them...  This can be more frustrating than funny sometimes!  One time, it sent Amber's ball 150 meters when she had hit it so softly, it barely reached the screen!  

My goal was to get so close to the hole (without it giving me a double par and ending my chance at finishing the hole) that the floor would rise and I would get to hit a ball into the ACTUAL hole in the ground!  I only got a chance to do this ONCE in all the hole's we played, and I didn't even make it in!  ggrrr. But the fun part about screen golf is that if you pick up another ball and place it in the hole it thinks you made it!  :)

This is Amber and Brian.  (Amber is from Vancoover, Canada... and Brian is from Wisconsin.)  They have both been in Korea for 3 years and will probably be staying for a long time, too!  I'm telling you, this place is the place to be right now! 

Will someone please give this guy some A.D.D. medicine or something!  I can't tell you how many times we go to pose with a timer and he does something like this!  You can't see it, but he's throwing a golf ball up in the air!  I guess, if I think about it, it always makes me laugh... so I can't complain!  I love him JUST the way he is!

Cheers to a fun night with great friends!

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