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Monday, February 21, 2011

Waterfalls, massages, and fire shows!

Yesterday, on our scooter ride, we saw this sign for a waterfall, so this morning, we had some breakfast and headed to the falls!

Unfortunately, we couldn't ride our scooter down the path... So, we left it here, and began the hike!

Aaron's vision isn't great, but the guy can spot crazy looking bugs like his life depended on it!!  Sometimes, this knack for noticing tiny creatures pays off - like when he spotted a gigantic flying cockroach the other day!  Uugghhh... Today, though, he spotted this little guy hanging on to the leaf!

We were totally taken off guard when we came upon this rasta bar in the middle of nowhere, along the path!!  There was no one working there... but it was cool, none the less!  We stopped here for a little while and played on the swings! 

This swing looked as if you could swing into the sky on it... but there was actually a rock right in front of me that brought any dreams of flying high to a skreeching hault!  Sad...

Anyone need to use the restroom?!

There were millions of red ants scattered along the trail... which made it a difficult when we were hiking straight down, with no rails on the dirt path!   There were only tree trunks to keep us from falling!  Some of those tree trunks looked like this!  eeehhhh!

The views were lush, green, and spectacular along the hike...  I

 After hiking for a while, we finally made it to the falls!!!  

Hiking back up the trail... This part of the path had a handy dandy (and rickety) rail for us! :)

 We made it back to the scooter, sweaty, exhausted, and ready to feel the wind in our faces!

By this point, it was time for some lunch... so we walked down the beach in search of something to fill our tummies!  We landed here, at Haad Yao Resort's on-site restaurant, where I ordered a peanut butter and banana sandwich, thinking that was fairly healthy, considering my other menu options!  Boy was I wrong, the thing was practially soaked in butter!  I'm not gonna lie though, it was one of the greatest sandwiches I've ever tasted!  So good in fact that Aaron ordered another one for himself!!  haha

Lunchtime shot...

I've been meaning to get a massage since the day I stepped foot in Thailand, so today was the day!   I found this place, right on the sand, and had one of the greatest massages to date (that's me under the red sarong)... It was so good in fact, that after my hour long - full body oil massage...

I asked for another one!  This time, I got a foot and back massage!  Total price for 2 hours of the most splendid pampering a girl could ever ask for...  $18.00!  Oh my... how I love this country!

While I was getting my massage(s), Aaron was playing with this little guy nearby!  He was actually the son of one of the masseuses, and the women in the shop were practically swooning over Aaron while they watched him play with this kiddo! 

Before long, it was dinner time, and we were dead set on heading back to the place we went the night before!  Can you blame us?  Fresh fish, grilled to perfection?  To be honest though, I actually just ordered a plate of fruit and grilled corn, but I did have a couple bites of Aaron's red snapper!  Who doesn't love a little fire show during dinner?  This girl does!

While we've enjoyed our time in Koh Phangang, we've decided to head to Railay tomorrow!!  (For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time, you probably remember Railay from when I went a year and a half ago and completely fell in love with the place!)  This time I'm bringing Aaron, so it's sure to be a great time! :)  It's gonna be a long day of traveling again, but when Railay is the final destination, who can complain?!

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