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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our last day in Ko Tao...

To have a fantastically athletic boyfriend who is also artistic and an excellent photographer, makes me a lucky gal, I think?!

Aaron got up at 5:30am to catch the sunrise (again) this morning!  The next 4 pics are some beautiful shots he captured while the sun was rising over the water outside the bungalows!

These are the steps we used, in order to get into the water to see the sharks!

By this point, the sun had fully risen and was gloriously shinning onto the bungalows!   (My bungalow is front and center!)

Yoga is HUGE in Thailand, and while I'd like to say I got up early and did an hour of yoga every morning, I just plain didn't! 

Instead, I walked with Aaron to the restaurant next to the Bungalows and endulged in some toast with banana and nutella... 

... with a side of 1 friendly and playful cat to keep me company!

I hadn't blogged for a while because the internet was being finiky, so I walked over to Koppee, a ways down the road, ordered myself a cold diet coke and an apple and went to work jounraling my trip! :)

A couple hours later, Aaron came and met me!  Between he and the dog at my feet, how could I not enjoy myself!?

I'll bet you can't guess what we did next?!  Okay, okay, you're right... we went swimming...

and laid out!!  (Yes mom, I'm using my sunscreen, and yes, I've been re-applying!)

Around 4:30pm, we took the scooter into town to do some shopping!  I bought a tank top and a new dress, while Aaron splurged ($12.00) on his very own snorkel and mask! 

We walked along the beach, in town, to check out what the rest of the island had to offer!  I found this sign quite funny!  Knock on wood... I've NEVER had anything stolen while traveling in Asia!

Speaking of funny... I thought this was really funny!  Buddhists usually build shrines outside their businesses and homes, offering small gifts of fruit and flowers in the morning!  For whatever reason, this shrine held military dolls and a police car!!

We always try to visit new restaurants while we're traveling, but last night's dinner was so delicious, we couldn't resist going back to the same place!    This time, Aaron ordered 2 GIGANTIC grilled prawns... (which he LOVED, in case it wasn't already obvious!)

They were devoured within minutes... Poor little guys!

I had my all time Thai favorite - grilled corn!  I can't explain why... but this country's corn is the BEST corn I've ever tasted, hands down!

After dinner, we stopped by the local 7/11 to pick up some supplies!  While I was waiting, outside, I snapped this picture!  Believe it or not, there is not driving age for scooters!  We've seen little, little kids driving scooters to school and back more than a couple times!  Granted, not this little... but still!

As hard as I tried to convince myself these guys didn't need to be posted on the blog, I have to post this picture!  Talk about people being out of place!  To make it even more funny, we were sure they were from Atlanta or Chicago, but when we heard them speaking French, we couldn't help but stand in awe of the irony we were witnessing before us!

Aaron had talked about wanting to build a fire on the rocks in front of the bungalows, so as soon as we got back, he began gathering wood and dry pwalm branches!

He carefully placed each piece of material on top of the other, like a true mountain man...

and wala... there was fire! 

I'd love to say that there were no injuries involved in the fire extravaganza, but when you're climbing on slippery rocks, with only the moonlight to guide you, chance are slim that no blood will be shed!  I was walking on the rocks, holding my camera, when I slipped and fell on my side, banging my camera on the rocks!  Oops!    Aaron stood shocked, saying "Jillers, are you okay?!  Jill, are you okay?!"  Luckily, I made out better than I thought I had, with only a little blood on my toe, and a bruise on my knee! :)  Oh, and the camera was fine! YAY!

We quickly found a nice dry rock to settle into while we enjoyed the fire - which lasted about a 1/2 hour or more!

If you could see the rest of this scene, you would see how magical it truly was!  The water was glistening, the waves were crashing nearby, the moon was full, the bungalows across the bay were lit in beautiful shades of blue, orange, and yellow, and the air was calm and cool!  It was a perfect way to spend our last night in Koh Tao!

Tomorrow morning, we're headed for Koh Phanganag Island!

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