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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Day!

It's official! 
I've moved to Yeongdo Island!

Yesterday (moving day) was actually a much easier day than I had imagined that it would be!  Aaron and his co-teacher helped me by scheduling for a moving company to come and bring all my boxes, suitcases, and some furniture down the 5 flights of stairs!  What a wonderful surprise that was, since I was originally planning to bring everything down myself (with Aaron's help) and load them into taxis over and over again until everything was transferred!  This is just a small picture of how much needed to be moved!

At 1:00pm, on the dot, 2 older Korean men, probably in their 60's, showed up to my door, ready to work!  They were amazing!  One guy carried both of my gigantic suitcases on his back, while the other one carried about 60 items of clothes (including heavy coats) down on his back!

And thankfully, this handsome gent' showed up to help too!   I literally only had to carry 1 box down the whole day!!

Within 45 minutes, everything was loaded into the truck and ready to go! AMAZING

And about an hour later, everything was then brought up to my new apartment and scattered all about!  (and PS: Why do I always get stuck with the apartments that have crazy wallpaper?!)

I had a TON of unpacking to do, which if you know me, you know I was exstatic about!  There's no better high for me than to take a room like this and make it look organized and beautiful!

Luckily, with Aaron's help, I was able to unpack nearly everything yesterday! YAY!   I slept on my floor last night, which is where I'll be sleeping for the next month and a half until I inherit a bed from my new school!  I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up with no soarness!  

I'm including this picture of my building's staircase because I love the tiles on the wall and the granite steps!  It actually reminds me of a hostel I stayed at in Paris, years ago!

And thank goodness I love Samgyupsal, because my new apartment is literally right above a Samgyupsal restaurant!  I'm on the 2nd floor of this building... My apartment stretched from the 2 little window's on the left to the black horizontal siding on the right!

I really love my new place and can't wait to be completely settled in!  I'm actually sitting at the neighborhood PC bang right now, surrounded by teenage boys playing Starcraft, because my internet hasn't been hooked up yet!   Luckily it's only 90 cents an hour and the boys are quite entertaining! :)

Time to get back to unpacking!


  1. So fun Jillers!! I cannot wait to see how you turn that space into something beautiful because I know you will.

    Love you!

  2. You can't move all your stuff in that apartment by yourself. It's a good thing that you've asked for a moving service to help you. It's a bit difficult especially when your pad is located on the 2nd floor of the building. Hope you're doing fine in your new place!