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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Isn't it ironic...??

# 1:  You know how I was so excited about the idea of living above a restaurant?!  Well, that was, until I realized that it's a 24-hour restaurant... and their lovely (insert sarcasm here), gigantic neon sign (which happens to be hanging right outside my bedroom window) makes it look like the afternoon sun is shinning through at all times of the night!  Isn't it ironic?!

# 2:  I've been internet researching netbooks online for the past week, because my macbook air hasn't been charging (so, it basically only stays on for 3 minutes and then - wala... shuts off!  uuuuggghhh)  So, this afternoon, I went over to a gigantic computer wholesale warehouse near Nampodong and bought myself a new computer!  Then, literally, as soon as I got home with my new "travel size" netbook, my macbook air decided to work perfectly!  Isn't it ironic?!

# 3: Lastly, I'm dating a 29 year old man, but as we're sitting here in my neighborhood's PC bang (because my internet is down), he's playing none other than... drumroll please... STARCRAFT!  Yes, Starcraft!  And I quote: "Dude!  I'm playing Starcraft!  I don't know how to do it!  Oh, oh, oh!  Wow, I'm movin'!  Look at me go!"  Might I add, we make fun of this game everyday, because our students think it's amazing!  Isn't it ironic?!

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