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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shopping, Burgers and Cupcakes!

A couple days ago, I told Aaron that he could do whatever he wanted for his birthday, and that I would pick up the tab!  His response was a simple: "I want to go shopping, have dinner with you at Breeze Burns and then go bowling."   Hey, sounds good to me! 

So, tonight after work, we did some shopping at his favorite store at Lotte and then walked over to Breeze Burns, across the street.  It's one of our favorite burger joints in Nampodong! We normally keep to our budgets and order the cheapest item on the menu when we go out, but tonight, the budget was out the window!   Apparently a beer can be pretty exciting when you're used to ordering waters! :)

Not only can I spell my name with my fingers, I can make a "29" for Aaron's birthday!  I'd like to think I'm fairly creative with my digits!

After gorging on cheeseburgers, chili fries, beer, and diet coke, we took a stroll down the newly Christmas decorated streets of Nampodong!  It looks as though they're confused... Is it Valentine's or Christmas?!  hmmm  We happened to be standing in front of this heart, ready to ask someone to snap our picture when our friend Annie came out of nowhere with her Korean co-workers!  As Annie was taking our picture, her co-workers were ooing and awing at our affection for each other!  Koreans are really shy, and thus not big on PDA with their loved ones... but they love to watch other people be affectionate!  Go figure!

I couldn't believe these little schmooches!!   How could you not want twin girls after seeing these two?!  Their mom said, "hearts," and the girls quickly made these hearts with their hands!!    This picture is for you A!

Aaron decided he'd rather skip bowling and just hang out, so we walked over to Red Velvet, a new fancy cupcake shop that recently opened on one of my favorite streets!  I sang happy birthday in English and Korean, all while Aaron was shushing me...  Hey, I don't care who hears!!  It's his birthday!

Aaron couldn't even blow out his candle before I was ready to bite into my "Red Velvet!" Some things never change!!  I've always been a sucker for cupcakes!

Mint chocolate for the birthday boy!

... and red velvet for his sugar mama!

I have 365 days until he turns the big 30!  That's when the REAL birthday party is in order ~ None of this shopping, burgers and cupcakes stuff!  
So, with that said, who wants to come to Korea next December to celebrate with us?!  Anyone??  Anyone??


  1. Does that fork have a smiley face on it? Because that's the best thing i've ever seen.

  2. Yes, it does! And if that's the best thing you've ever seen I'd say you need to get out a little more! *** Hope you're doing well! Hugs to the fiance!

  3. oh my word... the picture with the twin girls... so cute!!!