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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Passport Photo - Modeling pic!

In order to obtain my medical check certificate, which is imperative for re-applying as a teacher in Korea, I had to present a passport size photo of myself to the hospital.  Hmmm, I thought?!  Where can I get one of those?  So, I went to where anyone else in my area would go, NAMPODONG!  I stopped in at the first photo shop I saw and was met by a young Korean girl who immediately snapped my picture, downloaded it onto her computer, and began PHOTOSHOPPING the crap out of it!  

This is all new to me, as I'm sure it is to you if you currently live in America and have had your passport photo taken at your local Walgreens, where you're given 6 "as is" pictures of your mug shot.  Not here, in Korea though, the land where beauty is everything!!  The girl  smoothed my skin, thickened my hair, brightened my eye color, erased my wrinkles, made my forehead smaller, and even changed my smile! ... oh and I should mention, I had to buy 50 wallet size pics?!  It was the smallest package available!  What am I supposed to do with 50 wallet size pictures of myself?!  

There was a man next to me who was asking the girl to make his eyes bigger, nose thinner, and even asked for his hair line to be brought forward!  Apparently that's not a lot to ask for!  Check out this picture where a man was photographed in a red polo shirt and later put in a suit - all in photoshop!  AMAZING... and really weird!

So next time you need a passport photo, come on over to Korea and let them fix you up!  You wanna look your best for your passport, don't you?!  ***


  1. Catching up...

    This is HILAR.

    How's SC? Jon has a colleague from Charleston.

    Have fun!!

  2. Rach,

    You've got a lot of catching up to do! I've been writing up a storm! Speaking of catching up - I'm fully caught up on your blog as of this morning at 3:45am, when I couldn't go back to sleep! Gretta's Christmas story is to die for!

    NC is amazing! Aaron's family is a lot of fun and very welcoming! I'm luckier than ever, I think!