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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye Gamjung...

I told Ella (my co-teacher), this morning, that I am going to be asking the Busan Office of Education to switch my school next year.  It came as a complete shock to her, and even a bit of a shock to me as the words rolled off my tongue.  I never thought I would leave Gamjung... I love my school, my students, my co-workers, my cozy little office, my even cozier apartment, and all the classes that are constantly cancelled...  but my teaching schedule is harder than anyone's I know and I'm ready to remedy that!  

So, tonight, after work, I met up with my friend Jenna and her co-teacher (and my hopefully soon to be co-teacher) Monica!  They work at a school close to Aaron's on the island, which would be a really fun change of scenery, not to mention, REALLY nice being so close to my hunny!  Monica is in her 50's, absolutely darling; very social, and extremely positive!  We shared Dolsut Bi Bim Bap, as we got to know each other for the 1st time (thanks to Jenna's coordination!).  As it turns out, I think it's a match!  

As we said goodbye, she shook my hand and said "My school's Principal will like you.  He will want you to come teach for us."  YAY!  Let's hope so!  So, at this point, my fate lies in the hands of the Busan Office of Education, but if all goes as planned, I'll be saying my VERY bittersweet goodbyes to Gamjung, and a big hello to Dae Gyo in March!  

*** Jenna darling, thank you from the bottom of my heart for going WAY out of your way to help with this whole process!  You're the greatest!

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