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Monday, November 22, 2010

Stuffing Search - gone bad!

Aaron had a great idea!  He thought I should check out Gukje Market for Stove Top Stuffing for our Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday!  So, I went last night after work.

Now, mind you, there are absolutely no foreigners in this area, yet they sell things like RITZ, popcorn, M&M's, and other random processed import yummies!
Here's how it went down:

I walked through the market for about an hour.  Finally, one of the shop owners asked what I was looking for (in Korean of course - because no one speaks English here!) 

"S-t-o-v-e  T-o-p  S-t-u-f--f-i-n-g," I replied, as slowly as I could, taking special note of my intonation for better undertsanding!  (I'm a language teacher!)

"Oh, yes!"  He replied and motioned for me to follow him.  I couldn't believe it!  Gukje Market was the JACKPOT!  Thank you Aaron!  He quickly ducked and dodged through the crowds of people and crowded stores, taking me through back doors, dark alleys, and dirty, overcrowded storage areas until we landed in.... a razor shop.  Yes, that's right, a shop that sells razors.  hmmmmm....  Next thing I knew, I was being handed two electronic razors to chose from.  Lovely! 

"No, no.  Meanheyo (sorry) ego aneeyo (not this)." I said. I then proceeded to write it down for him, hoping that maybe then he would understand what I was looking for.  

After reading it, and discussing it with the razor shop owner, he turned to me and said "Yes," and motioned for me to follow him once again.  YAY!!! This time though, we landed in a pharmacists.  Ugggh, I'm pretty sure there's no stuffing here, and now I'm absolutely sure he doesn't understand what stuffing is!  I was right!  He handed me a small bottle of listerine!  "No, no.  Meanheyo (sorry)  ego aneeyo (not this),"  I said.  Confused, he grabbed a COSTCO size bottle of Listerine!   

Moral of the story is... Gukje Market doesn't sell stuffing, and no one in Korea has ever even heard of it... so I'll be attempting to make it tomorrow!   

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