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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea for Three - Last Friday!

Last Friday night I went to Nampodong with Truchen and Gill and ym camera battery was dead, so Gill took all the pictures with her camera!  I bribed her with a Chai Latte last night to get her to upload them and send them to me! :)  We had an awesome time eating Bi-Bim Bap at our favorite holw-in-the-wall Bi Bim Bap place...

then walked around the area, taking pictures with all the bronze statues of naked people...

and little traditional musicians...

Then we walked through the sunglass area and picked out the ugliest/craziest  pairs of sunglasses we could find!

As we were walking, we were talking about the matching scarves that Gill and Truchen bought on their recent trip to China.  I asked "Why didn't you guys buy me one?!"  then, literally, minutes later, we saw the exact same scarf at a shop in Korea!  Truchen spotted it and said, "Gill and I are getting you the scarf!  Consider it our gift from China!"  So, here we are, all three of us in our matching scarves sporting the latest and greatest korean hair accessories!  Can you believe Korean girls wear these outrageous things?!

I took the girls to my favorite Coffee shop in Nampo, where they serve banana lattes and the most delicious hot chocolate!  It's divine!

Tea for Three!  (Sad this one is so blurry)
We spotted this dolled up dog with it's human mom and dad, walking the streets of Nampo!  I couldn't resist a photo with her!  If only you could see the intricacies of her outfit and hair accessories! 
We ended the night at one of my favorite DVD bangs! 

Love my girls! :)

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