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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Storytelling Contest!

My school held auditions for the city-wide storytelling contest this afternoon!  I, along with 3 other teachers, sat and listened to (14) 3rd and 4th grade students tell a story from a book that they had memorized!  What's incredible is, most of these students can't speak English, but they can memorize an ENTIRE english story book! 

This is Steven!  He's been one of my favorite students since I arrived in Korea!  When I found out he had entered the contest, I couldn't wait to video tape him!  What a little schmooch huh?!  I've added the words that he's saying, down below the videos, so you can follow along!  But, in my opinion, it's much funnier to try to dicipher what he's saying!

Introducing, STEVEN!

It’s bath time Jack, called Dad.
I hate bath, said Jack.
Go and have your bath right now, said mom.
You can’t catch me, Jack replied… and he set off down the garden.
They are coming. I will hide in here, thought Jack.
He’s in the shed, shouted Mr. Crabtree.
Jack slipped nimbly out of the window.
Mind my vegetables shouted, yelled Mr Crabtree and he joined in the chase.

Even worse, Jack couldn't movie on him. (????)
The grown ups had passed.
Still, they can't catch me, he whispered to his new friend, the pig. And he was right!
No one saw him go home, or what he did when the got there.
Hello, said Jack. You can't catch me!
But this time, he was wrong!

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