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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lost in translation!

Instead of writing emails to all the teachers, the Administrators at my school use an instant messenger service.  The messages are always written in Korean, so sometimes I translate them on google to see what's going on around here!  Thought you might get a kick out of what they translate to:

Message sent yesterday @ 3:20pm: 
Teachers feeling the garden!  Staff meeting today at 4 pm.  Science Lab is scheduled to hold on. 

 Message sent today @ 8:52 am:
Teachers feeling the garden!  You out next week [emotional news] If you have any information on the chamber. We appreciate your information.  See you!

Message sent this morning at 10:02am:
The last salute. He had a feeling that we will get to you because of the nerve used to bother telling them you like them to throw. Doing well, thanks to leave. Stay healthy and wish you a good time. Thank you.

Message sent this morning at 9:46am:
Educational Affairs Department assistant principal went to the middle finger over for the blind can attend the funeral.  Today all payments (Nice, travel, go out, leave early, Edu, Pine, etc.), please ask the approval.

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