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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bon Appetite and books!

I've had a lot of fun in the last couple days, but haven't taken any pictures to prove it!  So you'll just have to read all about it instead!  :(
On Wednesday night, I had a teacher dinner at my absolute favorite Galbi restraurant!  

The drinks (yes alcohol at a staff dinner) were flowing (In fact, the Principal had brought a kettle of plum wine and was filling the teachers shot glass over and over again) and there was enough meat and shrimp to serve a small army!  Not the greatest thing when you're trying not to intake a lot of calories!  But made for a delicous dinner and fun night!

After dinner, I hopped over to Annie's house for Text In the City (our book club!)  We had 2 new girls there who I'd never met before, which was great! The more the merrier!  Then I stopped in at Truchen's apartment to hang for a little bit before bedtime.  In a way, it feels a little bit like college all over again with all these single girlfriends living in apartments closeby!  Makes me feel like I'm not pushing 30!

Then last night, Aaron and I made dinner for our friend Brian and his new girlfriend Amber.  I wish I would have snapped a picture of the spread and the 4 of us together!  I don't know what I was thinking!  We made Vietnamese Rice Paper wraps, which you dip into hot water and then add whatever ingredients you want - chicken, tuna, crab meat, ham, carrots, cucumber, tomotoes, lettuce leaves, cheese, fried egg, and or mushrooms, and then top it off with some dipping sauce!  It's to die for and we made it all from scratch!  Feel free to call us by our alter egos - Emerel and Martha!  We'll be happy to respond!

No plans for the weekend yet... which is actually quite nice!  I'm looking forward to book reading, stroll taking, market shopping, and TV show catching up time! Happy Friday everyone!

Oh and a quick shout out: 
Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew Caeden!  Auntie Jillers loves and adores you and hopes your pizza and Chuckee Cheese time was great!  It was sooo nice to talk to you this morning!

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