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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wonderful Sunday!

Aaron and I had a wonderful Sunday!!  We watched football, then scooted to Gwangali Beach to East Village Coffee shop for some iced coffee!  I love this place.  It's eclectic, modern, cheerful, cozy, and right on the beach!  It doesn't get any better in my opinion!  This is my favorite nook in the cafe... unfortunately it was already taken. :(
Everything is better when he's around! :)

After coffee, we headed over to Thursday Party Bar for the monthly foreigner BBQ.  My friends Anne and Crystal buy and prepare all the food for everyone, and we only have to pay $5.00 to enjoy it all!  Thank you girls!  

Me, Anne, and Aaron. (Crystal was in the kitchen, slaving away, cooking the meat skewers, which were delicious by the way!)

I was really excited that Truchen and Gill (who are both from South Africa) ended up coming to the BBQ this time!  They had never heard of it until I told them!  The 4 of us spent the whole time together telling funny work stories and getting to know each other over yummy drinks and great food!  It was as if we were the only ones there.  Sorry to anyone reading this who felt ignored!!!

 I feel so blessed to have met such funny, deep, caring, outgoing, and hilarious girls... and of course, I thank Jesus everyday for my sweet Aaron!