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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I ate a head!

... an octous head!  And it was one of the grosest experiences!

Last night, I went to dinner with the teachers at my school.  One of the items served were WHOLE baby octopi.  
April (the music teacher at my school) placed one of the baby octopi on my plate.  eeehhhh.  This means I'm gonna have to eat it.  I proceeded to chop it's head off with the table scissors, because let's get real...  I was not gonna eat an octopus head!  

"No, no!" She said, "You should eat that!  It's good for your health."  After much bantering back and forth, I reluctantly popped the octopus head in my mouth and bit down!  

First chomp: Okay, this isn't too bad.  It's just really rubbery!
Second chomp: OH MY GOSH!  What just popped and squirted warm liquid all over the inside of my mouth?  I was instantly disgusted and literally probably looked like a deer in headlights just staring in shock and disgust!  Imagine biting into a fish egg the size of a peanut, and that's about what it felt like!

It took everything within me to decide to be a big girl and not spit it out!  I chewed that nasty octopus head until it was small enough to swallow... ehhhh!

Then, I was determined to find out what that liquid bubble was that popped in my mouth!  So I secretly disected another octopus head under the table.  I found it!  The infamous white sack of nastiness!  I poked a hole in it with some scissors and squeezed a little!  The most vile white puss looking stuff oozed out the way a fresh pimple would!  And yes, I almost gagged!  Turns out, after looking at this picture...

Not only did I eat it's brain, eyes, poison gland, digestive sack, stomach, gonad, kidney, heart and ink sac, but I ate it's ANUS too!    Oh, and for the record, I did my research, and you're actually suppossed to remove the insides of the head before eating it, and secondly... April didn't tell me that before I ate it!  Thanks April~ Thanks a lot!


  1. ok, that is hilarious! I am laughing out loud to myself! Love it!

  2. reading this story is soo much more funny than when you told me it last night...i thought your breath smelled a little funny after I picked you up from the dinner, must have been that octopus anus! love you babe!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! You have got to put a warning label up when you post gross stuff like this in the future!! LOL I almost threw up just reading it... I can't believe how brave you are to do all this crazy stuff!!

    WOW JILL you would be great on Fear Factor!!!

    Liz ;-)

  4. I was dying as I read this. Hopefully this is the only time in life you can ever use the words "I ate it's anus". Can't stop laughing. This is good to know before I ever travel.