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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Double Date!

Last night, I double booked myself - a dinner, and some drinks, with the girls in Gwangali and a casino night with Aaron!  Can't think of many other ways I'd like to spend my Saturday night!

Truchen and I rode the subway together to meet her new friend, Gill (pronounced Jill) from South Africa!  What a doll she is - a human barbie doll actually!  

Gill invited her friend Julianna (from Britain) to dinner and drinks with us as well!  I love living here!  Where else can you go to dinner with 3 girls, and have them be from different parts of the world (S. Africa, Britain, and California!)  It was so nice to meet two new fabulous girls, and to have Truchen there as well!  Not to mention, their accents are to die for! Thank you Jesus for all these new, sweet as can be, girlfriends!

Around 10pm, I headed over to Seomyeon to meet Aaron, who was looking extremely dapper, if I don't say so myself!  We played Roulette at 7 luck, had free dinner, and hung out for about 2 hours!  The casino is a great place for people watching, which is one of my favorite past times!  And to make things even better, I walked away 40,000 won (about $32.00) richer!!

This is what hanging out in a casino for 2 hours does to us!   Besides, who can resist making funny faces when the guy they ask to take their picture decides he's going to do a photo shoot for you?!  Yes, we have about 10 pictures of this moment!  I chose this one for my mom, because she thinks Aaron is so funny!

It's currently 2:30am, Sunday morning, and this lil girl is sleepy!  I've decided not to book myself for anything tomorrow... other than a nice relaxing day of football watching with my guy!  

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