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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Clemence!

Two of my dear friends, Jeremiah and Shelly Sazdanoff, who I've known for the past 7+ years are some of the most gracious, caring, compassionate, artistic, socially passionate, and wonderful people I know!  This is a picture of them that I took years ago, when they first began dating and everyone was so excited they had found each other!

They have been married now for 4+ years and I am beyond ecstatic tonight, thinking about the fact that there's a baby inside Shelly's belly that's a MIX of the 2 of them!  God is probably having a hay-day creating this one!  

I knew that I wanted to send something special to baby Clemence as soon as I heard Shelly was prego.  I had a hard time thinking of just the right gift for such a special girl... and then it dawned on me: a Korean Dojong (name chop)!  I've blogged about these before, and how much I love mine... so I decided Clemence needed one of her very own!  Why? Well, because, let's get real - with parents like Jeremiah and Shelly, she's bound to be creating art from a VERY young age!  So, now she'll have her very own signature stamp to stamp in the bottom corner of her masterpieces!  Heck, she can use it before she even knows how to write her name!

So, last night I went on the search for a dojong stand and found this kind Korean man in the center of downtown Seomyeon! 

I wrote out Clemence's name in Hangul (Korean language), picked out the stamp that I liked, and 20 minutes later, her name had been carved into it!  

There's not another one like it - in the whole world, which is why I think it's so perfect for baby Clemence!  It's one of a kind... just like she'll be!
Can't wait for you to get here baby girl!
Love you!
Auntie Jillers!

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