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Friday, August 27, 2010


My apartment sits on the corner of one of the most dangerous neighborhood intersections in Busan, as far as car accidents go!  Since living here, I have seen 7 car accidents in this intersection... and those happened to have been on the days when I was actually at home.  Who knows how many more have occurred while I've been at work or away somewhere else!  Today's was one of the worst though!  I was cooking a couple minutes ago and heard a huge CRASH sound outside!  I ran to my window and saw that a woman drove right into this building, across from my apartment!  

What's worse is she was holding her infant son in her lap as she was driving...  eeeehhh!  I don't know why Koreans do this!  It's sooo dangerous!  It looked as if he hit his head on the steering wheel...  Poor little guy.

As bad as it may sound... living here is fairly exciting because of this dangerous intersection!  It's like watching RESCUE 911 out my own window!  I just hope no one ever gets hurt!

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