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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Helmet Diving

Sorry for the nearly 4 week delay on this blog post!  I think I partially didn't want to admit that I went helmet diving (because it's so ridiculous) so I've been putting off posting the pictures!  But, I'm going to fess up and admit it.  I did it, and I eat my words about it being lame!  It was really fun!

I did this about 1/4 mile off the coast of Boracay (Philippines).  I sat on the edge of a boat, and they put this 50 lb helmet on my head and lowered me into the water, where I ultimately sank to the ocean floor!  Terrifying?  Ummm, YES!

I was handed a piece of bread, to feed the fish with, which is why they surrounded me!  Once I had been underwater for a couple minutes, my heartbeat began to slow to a normal pace and I was able to really enjoy the experience!

I was about 40 feet underwater at this point, and I stayed underwater for about 45 minutes.  I was able to touch live corals, which were surprisingly soft and slimy!

The helmet has a tube that sends air from the boat into the inner part of the helmet, but it was crazy, because I could literally stick my hand up inside the helmet to scratch my face and stuff... and when I got out of the water, my hair was dry!  It's the perfect water experience for someone with high maintenance hair!

I'd say it was a successful experience considering I didn't get bit! :)

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